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Image Markers and Triggers

Manage image markers and assign different trigger action when found!






Custom Data

3D Collections and Models

WYSIWYG Editor - What You See Is What You Get

Cloud CDN

Your 3D models are save in the cloud worldwide, available for all your clients.

Object Viewer and Editor

Manage the 3D models directly in your browser. You can also embed the Viewer in your website!

GLTF file support

We support GLTF models and animations.


Create an image recognition scanner for your brand directly from your website!

In The Browser, no App needed

Our technology offers outstanding performance and accuracy of matches with cloud processing of thousands images in just one second.

Plug & Play

It doesn't have to be complex to be powerful. Integrate our ready to use web camera scanner directly in your website.


Cloud Visual Search API

Our Cloud Visual Search provides companies and developers with powerful and easy to use approach to create personalized scanners. We will help you to create context awareness applications that recognize the objects within the vicinity of the users to truly assist their daily life.

Fast and Reliable

Build for real world

Seamlessly integration

Web API Integration

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